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School Engagement presented at Public Engagement Webinar, October 7th

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

ERASE-TB took center stage and showcased the school engagement programme at the October 7th public engagement webinar titled, ‘A Focus On Zimbabwe: Innovative Ways To Engage Young People In Science & Research’ hosted by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM).

This was an opportunity to inform study specific stakeholders such as MSc & PhD students, study partners in the public health space, the MARCH Centre at LSHTM (and other LSHTM Centres) and current funders (Wellcome Trust) on novel ways we are engaging young people in science and research specifically through the school engagement programme the study is currently running at Mabvuku High School in Zimbabwe. An esteemed infections doctor and BBC broadcaster, Dr. Chris Van Tulleken, delivered an enlightening keynote talk about human anatomy to support the event’s theme on engaging young people in science.

The main intent of this event was to highlight the importance of public engagement as a whole, to open up opportunities to sustain these efforts and for collaboration. As school engagement continues, the study will strive to capacitate and support the students they work with to ensure their future is bright.




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