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International Youth Day 2023: Maputo School Visit Success

In the run-up to International Youth Day 2023, our Mozambique team, based at INS (Instituto Nacional de Saúde) were out and about continuing their commitment to engaging young people in the local community, sharing study and health related information. With two sessions planned for July, this was their first engagement with Sansão Muthenba Secondary School, which teaches pupils from grades eight to ten. Located at Polana Caniço in Maputo City, the students originate from nearby neighbourhoods such as Maxaquene, Polana Caniço, and Costa de Sol, Romão.

The team were very excited to begin this new collaboration which kicked off on 14th July with Celina Nhamuave providing a lecture on TB and HIV with 70 pre-university students aged 15-17 years. The meeting was followed by a lively discussion and many questions. The team were delighted with this high-level response and they also received good feedback from students who asked for more lectures and information sheets to digest and share in their families.

Two weeks later (27th July), the team returned to Sansão Muthenba Secondary School, this time to talk to 50 grade eight students aged 12-15 years on the same topics. This is the first time the team has worked with this age group and they were delighted to observe that these students were equally as engaged and interactive. These two sessions have successfully heralded a new relationship with this school enabling future lectures and discussions to be held. These will help educate young people on important health topics, keep them informed of INS studies and encourage an interest in health and science.




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