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Reaching young people: Mozambique team schools engagement

Celina Nhamuave and Noroeste students

The ERASE-TB team, based at the Instituto Nacional de Saúde (INS) in Maputo, has for some time conducted an outreach health programme aimed at providing young people with health-related information as well as updates on the study. This is achieved by working closely with two nearby secondary schools with whom they have established excellent relationships.

On September 20th 2023, Celina Nhamuave and colleagues returned to the Noroeste 1 Secondary School, located at Acordos de Lusaka Avenue in Maputo City, attended by students from neighbourhoods such as Maxaquene, Mavalane, Urbanização and Mafalala.

The session began with a fun quiz and our team were delighted to note that the 40 students attending showed some understanding around the lecture topics of TB and HIV which is hugely encouraging. These students were16-17 years old and in 2025 they will be attending university so it was timely to test and update their knowledge so as to prepare them for their next life stage and enable them to share their knowledge with others in the persuit of better health for all.




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