Capacity strengthening is a key part of the ERASE-TB work plan. Within the consortium the main area of capacity strengthening is through the training of PhD students, with at least one PhD student recruited in each of the African countries: Mozambique, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. These students will have joint supervision by scientists from across the consortium, and the experience of being part of a large international multi-centre consortium.  This will increase scientific and research capacity through the training of these local students.


In addition junior and middle grade researchers across all sites will be invited to online seminars organised at the different institutions. This will include PhD meetings, upgrading and pre-viva PhD seminars and other research meetings. Also regular online teaching seminars will be organised focused on data management, statistics, study design, quantitative and qualitative data collection. These seminars will be open to all researchers, study staff and students.


TB laboratory capacities are well established at all three African sites. Standard operating procedures will be exchanged between the three sites. Each site will offer an internship to biomedical scientists in their last year of their studies or to recently graduated biomedical scientists (one per site – 6 months per internship).


Experience in field studies, household contact tracing, and in the use and implementation of diagnostic tests will also be available to consortium members through the research being conducted. All members of the partner teams will also gain both additional experience in conducting field trials of diagnostic tests, but in collaborating within a consortium, a key skill for successful national and international research.


PhD Students

MSc Students


I am a medical laboratory scientist registered with the Medical Laboratory and Clinical Scientists Council of Zimbabwe (MLCSCZ). My expertise is in clinical laboratory testing and sampling for research and experimental studies. I am currently involved in the ERASE-TB project where I perform routine diagnostic testing of specimens for early tuberculosis detection.
I am also registered for a MSc Infectious Diseases at LSHTM. I am looking forward to developing my analytical skills in clinical research with the goal of pursuing a career as a researcher.

Mutsawashe Chisenga


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