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First ERASE-TB CAB Meeting for 2023 in Tanzania

The well-attended CAB meeting, Feb. 21st Feb, 2023, NIMR-MMRC, Tanzania

All our ERASE-TB sites continually follow a program of regular public engagement with their local communities in recognition of the importance of these interactions for both the study and the local stakeholders.

At NIMR-MMRC, Mbeya, the Social Sciences and Community Engagement department in collaboration with the TB and Emerging Diseases department planned an event as a key deliverable for the ERASE-TB study under their Community Engagement plan. Several engagement activities with various community stakeholders are proposed and it was agreed that the progress of ERASE-TB implementation will be shared with the CAB members during all routine bimonthly CAB meetings which include updates on research progress including any recruitment and retention challenges.

The first CAB meeting for this year were held on 21st February 2023 and was attended by 17 CAB members who heard all the study updates and who contributed to discussions around plans and strategies for the rest of the year. The ERASE-TB study details were presented by Dr Anicet (sub investigator), who presented the data and study updates as well as giving the good news that recruitment was now complete and the follow up visits are continuing well. The next CAB meeting will be held in April 2023.




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