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Mozambique team meet with local school students

All three ERASE-TB sites actively organise, and participate in, a wide range of public engagement activities that are strategised to be timely and relevant to the local community. In a variety of settings, the teams are able to provide health education, inform about the trial and importantly, receive feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Young people are a critical group with whom to engage, and in Mozambique, the INS (Instituto Nacional de Saúde) team have committed to a regular series of lectures and discussions.

Earlier this month (13th April), Celso Khosa and Celina Nhamuave provided a lecture for students from Noroeste 1 Secondary School. This school has been operational since1974. It is located at Acordos de Lusaka Avenue in Maputo City, and includes mostly students from neighbourhoods such as Maxaquene, Mavalane, Urbanização and Mafalala.

60 students, aged 16-18 years attended for an hour to hear about TB and Covid-19 and the team reported that there was great interaction! The feedback confirmed that the students would like to have more lectures as well as some TB information leaflets. The team will be back again later this year.




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