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ERASE-TB & IMBA Hutano Community Advisory Board Meeting

The THRU Zim team, led by Edson Marambire, Claire Calderwood and Katharina Kranzer, recently had their quarterly meeting with the local TB community advisory board. Our CAB is comprised of healthcare workers, public health professionals, TB survivors and advocates from Harare.

Top of the agenda was the discussion of the initial results of two interlinked studies – ERASE-TB, evaluating novel tests to diagnose TB earlier, and IMBA Hutano (meaning health of the home, in Shona), which is developing an integrated health check for members of TB-affected households. We presented our initial analysis and had vibrant discussions, providing critical insights as we start to write papers and to input into the design of future studies. We also presented several draft study concepts which have been refined as a result of the input of the CAB, and discussed the future composition and role of the CAB in our work.

And, importantly, we celebrated our study completion with cake!




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