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ERASE-TB Celebrates the 41st Anniversary of Independence for Zimbabwe

From Professor Katharina Kranzer, Principle Investigator for ERASE-TB:

"The Zim-LSHTM Research Partnership sends the people of Zimbabwe it's very best wishes for this 41st Anniversary of Independence Day.

This is an opportune time to celebrate the talent, resilience and industriousness of the people of Zimbabwe. This is why our Research Partnership has attracted so many stars and has flourished over the last decade. Zimbabwe punches well above its weight in terms of its scientific capacity and research impact."

The ERASE-TB trial demonstrates what can be done by way of collaboration and expertise. Against the background of a global pandemic, comprehensive training has taken place, and most crucially, many patients are being recruited which is a tremendous achievement in these challenging times. The trail is also grateful for the quality laboratory facilities and the well-trained staff who have excelled in their commitment.




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